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04 January 2012 @ 11:06 pm
2012: What magic do you hold?  
I've recently concluded that everything awesome that happened in 2011 was the result of some level of spontaneity, and I want to push that further in 2012. So that is my main resolution: to be more spontaneous.

Most of the rest of what I want to achieve this year stems from that:
To explore more of the local area
- I don't feel like i've taken enough advantage of living in London these past few years, so I want to see more of the city, and particularly where I live. When I first moved in I walked up to the village several times but haven't been back much since then, so I want to change that.
To see more theatre
- I was really good in First Year, but last year I barely saw any theatre, aside from the odd musical or Shakespeare. This year I want to see more experimental theatre, and stuff that I wouldn't normally go to see.
To do another drama course, possibly abroad
- Last summer in Barcelona was amazing and I learnt so so much. I want to have a similar experience this year; I'm thinking maybe France this time, as it's somewhere i've visited on school trips but i've never really seen much of (aside from World War One battlefields and Disneyland!)

Obviously to graduate is a key aim for the year, but that's not really a new resolution.
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